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The Swan Brothers are a small business. We serve both big- and small-businesses, but small businesses are largely overlooked in today’s service industry. Allow Swan Brothers to outfit your business with any item you’d like or one of our promos of the month for you to give away. You’re only one $4 t-shirt away from millions of impressions. Help your customers become talking and walking billboards today!

Swan Brothers are a small business that serves all types of businesses. We believe that without discriminating against big business, we feel it’s important to remember people just like us. Those of us that don’t have seven-figure advertising budgets or CEOs that can wooed away with eight-figure stock options need a solution in getting our “name” out there. So, Swan Brothers figured out a way to align with small businesses to aid in their advertising and promotion. The first way is through our Small Business Alliance. Local commerce in your community is essential to the sustainability and, more importantly, employment of those people in your area.

As a manufacturer and direct wholesaler of all types of apparel and promo products, we have developed the most tantalizing and inexpensive promos each month for all of our customers, especially small businesses. $4 t-shirts, $3 drawstring backpacks, $2 tote bags and $1 niche items and more are always available to give to new and loyal customers. Advertise your company today for as little as a fraction of one penny. Yes, one-half of one penny.

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