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Swan Brothers provide high-quality screen printing, screen printed transfers and embroidery decoration on all apparel and promotional products. Whether you need a few items or 12,000, you receive the same high quality customization on your items. Swan Brothers provide you a personal consultation to help you receive the best bang for your buck. We’re always here to help.

Since 2008, Swan Brothers, formerly Easy Prints, Inc., has provided large- and small-businesses, camps, schools, colleges, marketing and public relations firms with customized apparel and products based on its individualized needs. What separates Swan Brothers from other “print shops” is our attention to customer service. Some customer service out there is boarder line criminal. We do not expect you to have all of your ducks in a row. We know what it’s like to call any business up and not know exactly what to do

Best of all, if you’re a customer that just doesn’t know what to do, we’ll sit down and help you decide. We offer free consultations, which in the print industry is unheard of. What shop has a conference room dedicated to you the client? We’ll make you a cup of coffee or bring you a bottle of water, and decide how to mend high-quality customization, your budget and the best bang for your buck together. Thank you for choosing Swan Brothers for your print or promotional needs!

We offer high-quality screen printing for orders of 24 to infinity. It’s a wonderful way to customize bulk orders—cost effectively and efficiently—because our machines produce in upwards of a few hundred sides per hour. We use only the more environmentally friendly inks, as to reduce our carbon footprint on Mother Earth! Screen printing turnaround times range from one to two weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your order. We offer rush production at a premium, but have successfully fielded hundreds of orders on 24 hours notice for the family reunion, impromptu meeting or necessary sales pitch.

Swan Brothers also offer high-quality embroidery. Sometimes customers desire an upscale approach to their items and we understand. Perhaps you’re in the business for customized work polos, jackets, hats and towels, and embroidery is your ideal match. Embroidery, like screen printing, does take some time and can typically take one to three weeks to produce after taking in the complexity of your order.

Our company can certainly help you with your graphic in terms of low-res vs. high-res, touch ups, converting fonts to outlines, etc., but, in an effort to save you money which we always want to do, having someone produce your artwork lowers your cost. We do offer high-quality custom design at a premium; just inquire within!