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The Swan Brothers were formed in the early 1980s as identical twins and the best of friends.  Since then, Darren and Evan Swan have lived parallel lives and developed similar passions in life. They both retain an undying love to help people and see them succeed because of it. So, they made a family-run business out of it.

The Swan Brothers started almost 30 years ago as a backyard football and one-on-one basketball-playing brotherhood. The Swans are identical twins and truly best friends for life with much more in common than just a similar reflection in the mirror. Darren and Evan share a love for service, volunteerism, and charity, helping those in need, delivering on a deadline, doing successful business and doing right by their fellow brethren. In early 2008, Easy Prints, Inc., was created as a one-stop shop for all things custom decorated, printed and embroidered for companies, small and large, schools, teams, organizations, camps and everyone else under the sun. That part of our business hasn’t changed a bit; however, our identity has.

Easy Prints, Inc. presented a corporate façade any new start-up felt it needed. Instead, every single one of our business dealings was extremely personal no matter who the client was—Fortune 500, major collegiate athletic department, camp or church. We have worked with organizations in more than two dozen states ranging from recreation departments to high schools, from religious groups to the Boy Scouts of America, public relation firms, and fellow start-up brother and sister companies.  As people evolved so did the Swans; out with Easy Prints, Inc. and in with The Swan Brothers. We’re not a phony big company with 13 different departments and 50 employees. We’re two brothers that grit our teeth and made it past year one, then two, and after three we felt alive. In year four, we were able to bring on contractors, part-time employees and form partnerships and here we are just finishing year five and the best has yet to come.

The Early Years:

The Swans grew up in Metuchen, New Jersey, where The Swan Brothers headquarters is in fact currently located. We were privileged to have our Dad coach most of our sports teams and life was happily dominated from three to 18 years old by our passion for athletics and competition. In a given year we would play in several baseball leagues, on a few different basketball teams, fall and spring soccer mixed in with wrestling and tons of summer camps. You know how they say you learn everything you need to know in Kindergarten? Darren and Evan certainly started the learning process at an early age with a focus on making friends, creating relationships and realizing that life was much, much better when you can find a way to help someone in need.


Darren and Evan are graduates of Metuchen High School located in Central New Jersey. They both played baseball, basketball, soccer and wrestled for the Bulldogs while graduating near the top of their class. Right after MHS, Darren and Evan took their act to Seton Hall University where they would both take up Communications, Journalism and Philosophy as courses of study.

Their four years spent at The Hall heavily involved cultivating friendships, networking with future business associates, taking up the first row to every men’s basketball game (Go Pirates!), working on the school newspaper and broadcasting on the school radio station. In addition, the Swan Brothers also worked at WABC-TV in New York and spent hundreds of hours volunteering through various organizations. Darren and Evan would both go on to graduate with highest and higher honors respectively; their next stop: The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

At Northwestern, located in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois, Darren and Evan finished their educational journey by earning Master’s of Science in Journalism degrees with an intense focus paid to integrated marketing and communication along with new media. The Swan Brothers published articles and reports on health, fitness, medicine, disease, technology, public interest pieces and profiles, sports, law and policy issues. One month post graduate school graduation, we forged the idea of starting our first company.


Business, Journalism, Education

The Swans have always been diversified in their interests and have found a way, post-graduation, to bring them all together. Darren and Evan have been publishing stories and articles through journalistic means all over the country for more than a decade. The two have been in the business world together for nearly six years (Easy Prints, Inc. & The Swan Brothers) with those years chock full of success, experience, surprises, enterprise, innovation and evolution.  At the same time, Darren and Evan have taken all of their experience and coupled it with the strength of the Seton Hall and Northwestern educational background to instruct college courses. The Swan Brothers have been teaching courses in Composition, Communication, Public Speaking, Argumentation and Rhetoric at Middlesex County College and Seton Hall University for the better part of the last six years. The Swans see life as a challenge and love all the different ways they can do some sort of good whether it be through telling a story, teaching a lesson or landing a new client.

The Swans proudly own and operate The Swan Brothers (custom decorating) and its companion online fundraising shop along with an online sports apparel marketplace, a college admissions and advising service and marketing management operation currently contracted by IMG, the world’s biggest sports marketing company, solely responsible for the installation, event management and breakdown of season ticket holders’ custom seats for Rutgers University football at High Point Solutions Stadium.

However, and most importantly, our fundraising mission is now underway. It’s our goal to use our philanthropic philosophy to help teams, organizations and great causes the ability to raise money and awareness. Our mission will never change: we will do all that is possible to satisfy you, the customer, no matter what.